Bonjour Paris

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bonjour! Taking you back to September when I had the absolute pleasure to travel to the beautiful city of Venice! I had never been to Venice Before, so I was thrilled to wanted around town for a seven days with my love.
This post is all about beautiful places and photos that I take. Next will be more on words and how I got there, where we stayed etc. Enjoy my lovely people!

Big kiss for you!




Ph.: Me and my Love
Destination: Paris, France

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  1. Sure you are having a good time. Love the holiday look.
    Wow its a lovely time of the year. Hope you are having A good time. Have a lovely Sunday.
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  3. Fotografije su savršene! Prelep post! :))

  4. Paris is a very magic of my favorite towns!!! Kisses from Italy,

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